Fundraising / Field Trip

Let's raise some money for a good cause!
Freezing Moo will help your school raise money.

Here's how easy it is:

  • Freezing Moo offers 30% back of transactions that mention your fundraiser back to you.
  • Local Schools can host fundraiser at any of our participating Freezing Moo locations during business hours.
  • All day fundraiser event, even the WEEKENDS.
  • Customer will mention or give a fundraiser flyer to cashier for tallying.
  • Next day, Freezing Moo will cut you a check for your fundraiser. Advertise your fundraiser BIG to get a HUGE turnout.

Freezing Moo host Field Trips too!

  • Kids will enjoy learning about rolled ice cream with a trained Freezing Moo employee.
  • Explaining what is rolled ice cream, where is it from, and fun exchanges with the kids.
  • Kids ages 3-12 can experience Freezing Moo with their Elementary or Preschool for only $3/cup.
  • Field trip groups can be big or small depending on class size.
  • Field trips can be held between Monday through Friday.
  • $3 ice creams include teachers and bus drivers too!

    Flyers may not be passed out in or around Freezing Moo premises during any fundraiser event. This includes schools and organizations standing in or outside our premises during event verbally informing customers of fundraisers. Freezing Moo encourages promotions to be done ahead of time.

If interested in scheduling a fundraiser or field trip for your school, please fill out application below.

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